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High Capacity Portable Phone Charger & Power Bank

Bank on SIMCorner High Capacity Portable Phone Charger Power Banks When You Travel Abroad

Imagine — just fifteen years ago, the idea that many of us would carry ultra-powerful computers, and cameras encased in small mobile phones seemed futuristic. Now the ubiquity of smartphones and Internet-enabled mobile devices means that we depend on these items every day for many different tasks. Whether it's keeping in touch with business associates or summoning a cab to your location for transport, our phones empower us to do more while we're out in the world. Unfortunately, we are still beholden to the amount of charge a phone's battery can hold. This can be a source of many difficulties, especially if you are travelling and will be away from a power point for an extended period.

With the aid of a SIMCorner high capacity portable power bank, though, you can charge your phone anywhere and anytime at all. It's easier than carrying spare batteries and will provide your device with more life than swapping batteries would. The convenience and freedom afforded to you by portable power banks make them an excellent purchase for both the seasoned traveller as well as the busy professional always on the go. Whenever you need extra power for your phone at a moment's notice, our charger will get the job done with ease.

A portable phone charger is a valuable asset

With our portable power bank in your bag, your phone or tablet is never too far from a reliable source of power. Its USB output ports even mean you can charge two devices simultaneously if you have another device, or if a friend needs a charge as well. The slim design of the portable and lightweight construction makes it easy to carry anywhere. With a 10000 mAh capacity, you can easily get multiple charges out of one power bank before it needs recharging itself.

A built-in LED indicator on the portable phone charger alerts you when the interior power pack is low while also informing you of the total charge remaining. Because it meets all relevant international standards, too, it's safe to use with any country's power points. Additional built-in safety measures include overcharge and short circuit protection, as well as an automatic shut-off if the device begins to overheat. For versatility and portability, the SIMCorner power bank is second to none for convenience.


Choose from one of many colours and order today

Not much is quite so frustrating as running out of battery on your phone in the middle of a critical task, or while you are trying to navigate somewhere. You never have to worry about missing a pivotal business call or email again. With a SIMCorner power bank and phone charger, you'll be equipped to keep on computing no matter where you are. With all the excellent built-in features for convenience plus the ability to choose from several different colours, it's a "must-have" item for any technologically minded traveller. Place your order today and enjoy quick shipment! For more information, please navigate to our contact page.