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USA Unlimited Phone Sim Cards

Worried about Your Mobile Phone Bill While Travelling? Get a USA Unlimited Sim Card Before You Leave

We live in a day and age where going anywhere without our mobile phones is just not likely. For many, a mobile is the only phone they have and use. We use our mobiles to access emails, text, access the Internet, take photos, and much more. What do you do when you are travelling internationally? We have all heard the stories about those who have travelled to the USA only to return to an exorbitant mobile bill. A USA unlimited sim card can relieve all of your roaming worries.

Save with a USA Phone Sim Card

At SimCorner, we have developed partnerships with some of the world's largest telecommunications companies. As a result, SIMCorner can bring you phone sim cards that are the easiest way for you to save money on your mobile bill while you travel in the USA or another country. Using a prepaid unlimited sim card for USA allows you to make local calls inexpensively. You also receive unlimited texting when you buy a prepaid sim. Installing the sim card into your phone allows you to communicate with friends and family back to Canada at no charge using the included data.

You can also save by using email instead of making calls or texting. With an unlimited data sim card, you have access to 4G data and with the number of Wi-Fi hotspots in the States and elsewhere in the world you can always find access to email. You do not want to use your phone’s data plan to access email.

What You Get with A USA Unlimited Sim Card

You can purchase your international sim card on the SIMCorner website and get it shipped direct to your door. Most cards will come loaded with data so that you will have immediate access to things like Google maps once you arrive at your destination.

When you purchase a USA sim card with unlimited data from us, you will save at least 20%-30% compared to buying the same product at a T-Mobile store or AT&T Store in the States or purchasing online from other sim options providers. You get unlimited local talk and text within the USA and unlimited 4G data. In total, you can save up to $85 on your mobile fees compared to using your own Canadian sim card.

Why You Do Not Want to Pay for International Roaming

You are surely spending enough already on your flights and accommodations. You do not want to spend more on something as simple as a phone call or accessing the Internet while in another country. Searching the Internet and accessing two web pages – approximately a megabyte each – could cost you $20 using standard international roaming rates. Imagine if you or someone in your travel party spent half an hour online on your phone. The costs can be outrageous.

Plan ahead and take the worry out of your mind by purchasing a USA phone sim card from SIMCorner. Visit our website today to purchase your sim card, or for more information hit the Contact Us tab and fill out the online form.