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Berlin on a budget: 10 free activities in Germany’s capital

When travelling in Berlin, you don’t need to spend big to soak in the city. In fact, there’s plenty of things you can do without spending a single penny. Here are our favourite free things to do in Berlin:

1. Book a free walking tour
There are a number of free walking tours in Berlin, which operate on a donation basis. Hop on a tour to check out the city’s most famous sights such as the Checkpoint Charlie and the Brandenburg Gate. Or take the Alternative tour to explore the hip neighbourhoods of Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain.

2. Visit the Holocaust Memorial
Also known as the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, it is a memorial to the Jewish victims of the Holocaust. It’s as haunting as it is beautiful, with the sounds of the city fading away as soon as you walk through, surrounded only by grey pillars.

3. Visit the Deutsche Guggenheim for free on Mondays
Immerse yourself in German art by visiting the Guggenheim museum. It houses a collection of contemporary art and has special exhibitions from artists all over the world. And the best thing - it’s free on Mondays!

4. Go to the Symphony

Now that you’ve sorted your Monday, check out the Berliner Philharmoniker symphony that plays a free lunch concert every Tuesday.

5. View Berlin from the Reichstag Dome
The Reichstag building is the meeting place of the Bundestag - the German parliamentary body. The building boasts a spectacular glass dome on top designed to symbolise the reunification of Germany. From there, you’ll be able to get a stunning view of the city. It’s completely free, all you’ve got to do is register in advance to book a time slot.

6. Take in Soviet history at Treptower Park
Home to the largest Soviet war cemetery in Germany, the park is filled with memorials and tributes. It’s also an ideal picnic spot for a lunch break.

7. Check out the Beelitz Sanatorium
If visiting an abandoned war hospital sounds like your thing, visit the Beelitz Sanatorium, where Hitler and Honecker were once treated. It’s also a famous filming spot for various horror movies and tv shows.

8. Walk through the Brandenburg Gate
You can’t miss a visit to the Brandenburg gate when in Berlin. It’s where the Berlin Wall first fell in November 1989. Nowadays, you can walk through the gate for free of course, and get lost in its architecture and history.

9. Browse Berlin’s many flea markets
Berlin has a number of interesting flea markets to check out. From Mauerpark, and Flowmarkt at Neulkolln, to Zeghaus’ art market.

10. Stroll through the gardens of Charlottenburg Palace
The Charlottenburg Palace is the only surviving royal residence in the city, and tickets for entry are quite expensive. However, strolling through the palace’s gardens won’t cost you a dime. For more on travelling through Europe, check out the SimCorner Blog.