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8 packing tips to fit more into your suitcase

It’s time to talk about the one thing we all hate about travelling - packing that damned suitcase! No matter the length of your trip - whether it’s a weekend getaway, or 6 week vacay to Europe - you’re going to need to make some pretty important packing decisions. Sure, you could pack less, but what happens if there’s an unexpected weather change, or a fashion emergency? Most of us would want to have plenty of wardrobe options as back up. Do note that you should pack wisely, and ditch the unnecessary luggage - but if you’re still struggling to fit everything in, use these 8 tips to get more into your suitcase.

1. Use packing cubes

Dividing your belongings into different packing cubes keeps for an organised suitcase, and helps you find whatever it is you need much easier. Simply label or colour code them for different items such as toiletries, socks, or t-shirts so you know exactly what is where. Plus, you can easily move your packing cubes in and out of the drawers of your hotel dresser and instantly be done unpacking or packing in one go. Check out some of packing cube sets in different colours  that’ll save you a ton of suitcase space.

2. Roll your clothes

A basic tip that any flight attendant knows is to roll your clothes instead of folding them. Roll them up allows for much tighter packing that fits more items in your suitcase. It’ll also help you avoid turning your clothes into wrinkly drabs.

3. Zip it shut and then add more

If you’ve got a few overflow items that just don’t seem to fit, try closing and zipping your suitcase completely. Once it closes, reopen your bag and try sticking in your extra items. Often, once you’ve closed and compressed the bad by zipping it shut, you’ll find your suitcase with a bit more space once you open it again.

4. Put things inside your shoes

Often, shoes are the culprits of taking up too much space in your suitcase. Make them do double duty by stuffing them full of small items like jewellery, socks or underwear. You’ll need to pop them in zip-lock bags before you stick them in of course - nobody wants their belongings smelling like feet! Remember to pack your shoes on their sides to maximise space in your bag.

5. Pack in the right order

Start with packing your heavier items first such as your jackets, and jeans, and layer your lighter items on top, making it easier to force your suitcase closed. Plus, leaving your delicate clothing on top will keep the weight of your bulkier clothes from squashing and wrinkling them.

6. Choose the right suitcase

The best way to fit more in to your bag is to have suitcase that grows with your packing needs. Expandable suitcases can be enlarged when needed, helping you make more room for your belongings. What are some of your tips for cramming more into your suitcase? Let us know!