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US Travel Data Sim Card

Sites to Visit in the US – Be Sure to Take Your US Travel Sim Card with Unlimited Data

If you are planning a holiday in the US, there are a number of sites to see. The country is rather large, and it will be difficult to see all that the States has to offer in just one trip. As you decide where to go and what to see, keep in mind that you can save yourself hundreds of dollars by buying a US travel sim card from SIMCorner before you leave. Without one, you could wind up with a huge mobile phone bill upon your return to Canada. With one, SIMCorner helps take the hassle out of international travel and allows you to relax and enjoy these top five sites in the US.

The Grand Canyon

It is easily one of the most breathtaking views in the entire world. Located in northern Arizona, this giant chasm is one of the world’s seven great wonders. It is nearly 300 miles long and up to 18 miles wide. You can stand at the top of the canyon at several locations and view its massive depth, up to a mile in most spots. You have the option of hiking through the Bright Angel Trails or experiencing the canyon by rafting the Colorado River. Whatever you decide, it will be worth it.

Yosemite National Park

It is one of the States' most beautiful landscapes. Yosemite National Park covers almost 1,200 square miles and is abundant with nature's beauty. There are huge waterfalls, thousand-year-old Sequoia trees, and some of the most inspiring rock formations in the world. If you are not camping at the park, you can see what you need to see in a day. You should see Glacier Point and, if you are up to it, try climbing the Half Dome cables route. There are miles of hiking trails also if you have the time. One of the things you do not want to do unless you have a US travel sim is make a phone call. Without a prepaid sim card, you could be looking at some hefty charges on your phone bill.

Find Your Way to Yellowstone National Park with a US Data Sim Card

You should travel to one of the US’s most beloved national parks, Yellowstone. To help navigate, you can use your US data sim card. The sim will connect the moment you land in the US giving you instant access to Google maps. Once you reach Yellowstone, you must see Old Faithful, the hot spring geyser that shoots water into the sky about once every 30 to 120 minutes. It is one of the most viewed attractions in all of the States.

SimCorner Can Help You See The US

At SIMCorner, we specialise in meeting the communication needs of the international traveller. What you do not want is a huge cell phone bill with international roaming charges when you return from your holiday. Pick up your prepaid travel sim card and reduce your costs by at least $40. Buying the same travel sim with data in a T-Mobile or AT&T store in the States will cost you well over $100. Plus we can deliver straight to your door! Click the Contact Us tab and fill out the online form for more information.