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5 Romantic Holiday Destinations

Whether you’re busy planning a date for Valentines day, or are on the receiving end waiting on that date, you might just need some inspiration for romantic holiday destinations to top it off. We’ve compiled a list of our top 5 romantic holiday destinations, now you just need to take your partner for the most memorable vacation. Santorini, Greece Probably the most famous Greek island, Santorini is home to thousands of white homes with stunning blue or red painted roofs. Popular for instagram power-couples, it’s a must visit for any lovers or honeymooners. The sunset at Oia is named one of the best in the world, and you’ll soon see why as the golden hour touches all the buildings down...

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France’s 5 best rural destinations

When we think of travelling in France, the first thing we think of is its cities: most likely something like Paris, or Marseille, or even Lyon. But don’t forget that France has so much more to offer -- its countryside. For a slower and more authentic travelling experience, France’s rural regions, towns and villages are simply refreshing. Next time you’re in France, you might want to consider dropping by these 5 rural destinations. 1. Côtes-d'Armor Côtes-d'Armor is a department in the north of Britanny. With its outstanding landscapes and beautiful coastlines such as the Pink Granite Coast and Emerald Coast, its towns breathe of history - the towns of Lannion and Dinan are testaments to the rich heritage of France....

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