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Leather Travel Journal

Leather Travel Journals from SimCorner: Document your Travels

Here at SimCorner, we are well known for our international sim cards and other travel products to make your international travel easier, but we now also offer leather travel journals to help you document your travels. Keeping a travel journal is as old as writing, and there are famous examples from history. Marco Polo’s journal of his travels along the silk road and into China gave Europe one of its first glimpses of the East. Join that tradition with one of our handsome journal.

Benefits of a Travel Journal from SimCorner

If you’re keeping a journal of your international travels, you want one that can withstand the wear and tear of that journey. A journal with a paper or plastic cover could quickly become battered and torn, which is why our journal come with leather covers as well as the following:

  • You can select from several different colours including Space blue, Imperial red, Midnight Black, Mint greenBlush pink and Tuscan yellow. A journal is a personal item, and we understand your desire for colour preferences with them.
  • Just as some people might want a different colour, we know some people like to write or draw outside the lines. Because of this, we offer each client a travel journal with both lined and unlined pages.
  • The customisation options for your leather journal does not stop there. The leather comes in chequered, saffiano, or pebbled patterns with gilt edges for that classic look.

Tips Regarding Your Leather Journal

Our journals feature colourful leather covers which give them a modern look and feel as well as offering the durability of leather. For those who have had leather goods before, you likely know the best ways to maintain the leather cover of our journals but for those who are new to leather here are a couple of care tips to help you get the most out of your travel journal:

  • It is best that you do not store your leather journal in direct sunlight. Too much sun can dry the leather out and change the texture of the cover.
  • As it is the cover for a journal, it goes without saying that you will want to avoid getting it wet but if it does get wet, wipe away any moisture and let the cover air dry. Drying it with a heat source is not recommended.
  • When it comes to cleaning your journal cover, using a non-abrasive dry cloth to wipe away dust every week is recommended. Never use soap or other chemical cleaners on leather, instead wipe away stains with a damp cloth and let it air dry.

About SimCorner

Having partnered with large communication providers, we offer great deals on international, travel SIM cards, which save you a fortune on roaming fees. We also stock various travel accessories travellers use, such as travel power adapters and power banks.

Stay connected with your business and loved ones and jot your memories down, Visit us online and find out more about our Leather Journal products.