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Travel while you work: Careers that’ll let you see the world

What’s your dream job? We’ve asked a lot of people this, and many have come up with the same answer - being paid to travel the world. Earning bucks to see and experience new cultures, countries, and landscapes sounds pretty damn sweet! Although you may feel like you’ll never be able to land a job as amazing as that - there are careers out there that allow you to travel while you work. So if you’ve got the travel bug, take note of these jobs that let you work your way around the world.

1. Language Teacher

Speaking English is a sought-after skill in most countries, which makes it fairly easy to find English teaching opportunities all over the world. But English isn’t the only language in demand. Mandarin, Russian, and Spanish are extremely valuable languages for students and business professionals. Teaching overseas allows you to not only explore a new country but allows you to connect with local communities and their culture.

2. International Hotel Chain Employee

Landing a job at an international hotel chain can open up the world for you. Hotels like Hyatt, Hilton and Marriott have hotels in almost every country. You could start by working at one of these hotels in your home country, build yourself up as a valuable employee, and then enquire about transferring abroad.

3. Bartender/Server

Got a knack for great bartending and service? If you’re under the age of 30 it’s easy and inexpensive to obtain a work visa for countries including the UK, Canada, Ireland, Germany, Japan, Austria, and Thailand. As long as you’ve got proven experience and an outgoing personality, it won’t be hard to find bartending work abroad.

4. Travel Agent

If you love the planning aspect of travel, why not try being a travel agent? Not only do you get to help people plan their holiday adventures, but you’ll also have access to insider deals, including low-cost “fam” (familiarisation) trips, free tours, and cheap airline tickets.

5. Freelancer

It’s not always easy getting leave approved by your employer, especially if you’re wanting to travel beyond the standard two-week vacation time. Being a freelancer or contract worker means you’re able to set your own schedule and take work off as you please. If you can do all your work online or remotely - even better. You’re free to work and travel around the world at the same time.

6. Flight Attendant

If you hate the idea of a standard 9 to 5 job, and are someone who has great customer service, a career as a flight attendant might just be for you. Not only are schedules flexible, but airlines often have excellent benefits for their employees. It allows you to - quite literally - travel and work at the same time. You’ll get to wake up in a different city almost every day, and sightsee when your shift is over. It may sound like a crazy lifestyle, but it’s perfect for those who love being on the go.

7. Cruise Ship Worker

Similar to being a flight attendant, a cruise ship gig requires good customer service, and it isn’t your typical 9 to 5. Employees on cruise ships receive room and board as part of their income, and the more skills they have the better deal they’ll get from the cruise line. Got a special talent for singing, dancing, and entertaining? These workers are generally paid the most.

8. Tour Guide

People often think that you have to be a native resident to become a tour guide. But some travellers prefer to have guide from their home country. Choose a niche, make yourself an expert, and then specialise in an interest group to help sell your services.

9. Travel Blogger

Ever seen those popular travel accounts on Instagram? More often than not, these people are travel bloggers. Paid to travel the world and write about their experiences, and subtly promote other travel brands. It’s a popular dream for many, so you’ll have to compete with a whole bunch of other bloggers out there. But if you’ve got talent for writing and persistence, you may just be able to rise to the top and transform your hobby to a full-fledged career.

Inspired to make a career change to allow yourself to explore the world? Make your move! There’s never been a better time to travel than right now.

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