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New Zealand (NZ) SIM Card

Get a New Zealand Travel SIM Card from SimCorner

You may have seen all the instagram photos of the beautiful New Zealand summer, but that doesn't mean you can take a trip there without thinking about many of the challenges and complications of foreign travel. In particular, if you plan on making a pilgrimage to NZ, you are going to need to consider whether or not you plan on using your phone while there. It may be close in proximity, but New Zealand doesn't have the same mobile network coverage that Canada does, and chances are, if you try to make calls, send texts or use data while taking a trip there, you are going to face some pretty hefty roaming charges.

Fortunately, there's an easy way to avoid such charges—so long as you remember to plan ahead. At SimCorner, we sell a range of SIM cards for international travel. These alternative SIM cards let tourists and business travellers link up with local mobile networks wherever they are travelling—which in turn avoids roaming charges. Best of all, every international travel SIM card available at SIMCorner is prepaid, and most include data, text and talk. And since we have convenient online ordering and home delivery, preparing your phone for international use has really never been easier.


Sim Cards for New Zealand

If your destination is New Zealand, then SimCorner has a few different Travel SIM card options for your NZ trip.

The first New Zealand SIM card available at SimCorner is the cheap NZ travel SIM. This SIM card offers 1.5GB of data, 200 free call minutes, 200 free texts and no incoming call charges—regardless of which country the call may be coming from. The free calls and texts are valid within New Zealand, as well as back to Canada and to several other countries, such as the United States, the United Kingdom and more.

The second of SimCorner's travel SIM cards option for New Zealand is a 5GB Data Option option. You can get 5 GB of data for your phone. The SIM card, which links with Vodafone NZ, will provide 4G speeds for web surfing, email, app usage, GPS maps, social media and more. There is still the same  200 call minutes & texts calling or texting available with this plan, but  you can also communicate with loved ones over the internet, if you do need to talk and text.

If you plan on using more data and phone calls or sending texts at all, we have the bigger 10GB VodafoneNZ SIM Card this is the SIM card you are going to want for your New Zealand trip. You get a high unlimited calls and SMS to NZ numbers, as well as 200 Minutes back to Canada and to several other countries.The 200 international minutes & 200 SMS are a great addition to the prepaid NZ SIM card plan that SimCorner offer. They will suffice for giving family and friends regular updates on your whereabouts or calling for keeping in touch in the case of emergencies. You can also add additional minutes, texts and data online, by using a credit card. 


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Interested in learning more about these NZ SIM card options, or in purchasing a SIM card ahead of your New Zealand trip? You can find them available here.