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International & Global SIM Cards UK

Stay in Communication, with a Global or International UK SIM Card from SIMCorner

If you have been planning on leaving Canada behind for a few months to backpack across Europe, chances are that you've already thought about a few of the logistical difficulties of the trip. From finding places to stay, to figuring out ways to stay in touch with friends and family so they aren't constantly worrying about you, planning a backpacking trip around the UK or throughout Europe is daunting and complex.


Invest in an International SIM Card for UK or European Use

At SIMCorner, one of Canada's trusted vendors for global SIM cards, we can't offer much assistance with finding places to stay along your backpacking journey. However, we can help you to keep in communication with your friends and family throughout the bulk of your trip.

The answer is one of our global SIM cards or international SIM cards for UK or European use. The biggest communication challenge, if you are planning a backpacking trip in the UK or around Europe, is that it's tough to use your cell phone. We've all heard horror stories about world travellers who tried to use their cell phones while abroad, only to come home to huge or downright unaffordable roaming charges.

With a global SIM card from SIMCorner, your biggest worry communication-wise will be finding a place to charge your phone overnight. If you are just planning on exploring the United Kingdom—be it England, Scotland, Ireland or all three—opt for an international SIM card for the UK. At SIMCorner, we have four different international SIM cards for UK use.

The first has 12GB data, 3000 minutes of free local calls in the UK, 3000 local texts, cheap international call rates and free incoming calls from foreign countries. In other words, with this SIM card, your friends and family members will be able to get in touch with you any time, for free, so long as your phone has power.

The other UK global SIM cards available at SIMCorner come with a 20 gigabyte data plan, and 8 gigs Data plan and the last one comes with 12 gigs Data only. You will be able to use data, which means you send and receive emails, surf the web, update your social media profiles or use applications.

Global SIM Card Options for Europe

If your travels are going to take you out of the United Kingdom, SIMCorner has a number of global and international SIM card options for those scenarios as well. For instance, we have individual prepaid SIM cards for European countries such as Italy, Spain, Germany and others. We also have a convenient SIM card option meant specifically for European or worldwide travel.

This option, also, includes 12GB data, 3000 minutes of free local calls in the Europe, 3000 local texts and can international roaming in more than 70 countries. So, if your travels are going to take you from one country to another, but you still want to be able to give relatives or friends one number they can use to reach you.

Interested in a global SIM card for the UK, or in a Europe SIM card for other international travel? Stop by SIMCorner's website, at to learn more about the various different SIM cards we have to offer.